Belk Stores Kidfest - 2017 Balloon decorations, Balloon artistry and Party decorations

The Annual KidFest Fashion Show. Our studio provided a Balloon Twising,  Four 8 ft columns, 10 of our Confetti Cloud  4 ft Balloon Pillars, 2 of our Pink Dotted Balloon Pillars and DJ Services for 4 hour.  As a thanks for the business we were happy to add our own touch for the kids of school supplies and candy.  

Our Balloon Decorations, Balloon Artistry, Balloon Twisting was a hit for them!!

Belk Stores Bridal - 2017

The Semi Annual Bridal  Show. Our studio provided a Balloon Decorations, Balloon Artistry, Balloon Twisting set the tone for their event.

Our Display Setup to Include our Streaming Video Commercial that ran 10 different room setups for customer viewing.

Belk Displays 2018 Spring Fest - Happy Easter Egg Hunting!!

What fun is it without the "Balloon Lady" their for the kids to create artistry on site. 

Balloon Decorations  and Balloon Artistry.  Along with our infamous Balloon Twisting Animals, Flowers, Bouquets.  Entertainment for your kids party.  Next event hire us .... we also have a Face Painter Available!!

Balloon Decorations

Balloon Artistry

Balloon Twisting

Party Decorations