When we received this referral we were thrilled to work with this client to make her daughter's Quinceneara special.  Turning 15 was a big deal.  Her Cinderella Dream came true when she put on this dress and walked into this room dressed by our studio.  Balloons, Balloons, her mother said.  I want it to look like she is in a cloud when her father makes the entrance with her.  Well they were not disappointed as we filled the room with Balloon Pillars and Arches, created all the table accents to include the diamond encrusted feather crowns and the intricate centerpieces that in her culture were gifts for family and friends that attended.  This young lady looked so lovely I asked her parents to let her participate in our Bridal Expo.  See more pictures or her under "Photoshoots"

Guest Count of 100 - Camden SC 29020